A Region Brimming with Tradition

Whether yodeling, making your own cheese, or flag throwing, visitors to our region can experience authentic Swiss tradition up close against a breathtaking scenic backdrop.

The region surrounding the Swiss capital is one of a kind. The Emmental – home to the world-famous cheese with its large holes, and to the unmistakable Kambly Bretzeli cookies– enchants visitors with its distinct hilly landscape. It’s a veritable mecca for e-bikers.

The bordering Oberaargau region is characterized by historical structures and myth-enshrouded locations. Visitors can delve into the mysteries of the region while following in the footsteps of designers, lake dwellers and even camels.

Gantrisch Nature Park extends across the hilly terrain from Belp to the Schwarzsee, just outside of Bern. The area features large expanses of forest with idyllic villages and deep canyons, shielded by the prominent Gantrisch Range.

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