A mini adventure: spend the night in a tree tent

Dive into an adventure in the great outdoors and enjoy a night around the campfire and a good night's sleep in a cozy tree tent.

  • Information & Price
    Season All year
    Number of participants 6 - 30 people
    Program individual starting time, e.g. at 16h00, a hike through a remote forest area, and herb gathering along the way depending on the season. Assisted tent set-up followed by a three-course meal cooked over the campfire. An overnight stay in a tree tent, breakfast, and individual return journeys.
    Price CHF 950.00 flat rate for 6 people plus
    CHF 80.00 for each additional person or CHF 60.00 for each additional person from 15 people
    Price includes the overnight stay, professional supervision, a souvenir, breakfast, and the three-course meal prepared over the campfire.
    Equipment to be discussed
    Sleeping bags are available to rent

A leisurely walk brings you to a remote area of the forest, where you'll work together in a team to pitch a tree tent and then enjoy a delicious meal freshly prepared over the fire. Enjoy the evening around the campfire before climbing up for a good night's sleep in your cozy tree tent. The chirping of birds will gently awaken you the next morning, and a hearty breakfast will set you up for the journey home.

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