Cultural institutions in Bern

Theatre, music, dance, cabaret, book readings and exhibitions – in Bern, culture is far more than “only” museums. These cultural institutions are definitely worth a visit.

Regarding the Corona situation, the hygiene and behavioural rules of the Confederation apply. Detailed information on the measures can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.

  • Bars with Cultural Events
    Musigbistrot Relaxed bistro and platform: many bands that now play the big stages had their Bernese premiere right here, when they were still unknown acts.
    ONO Be it music, literature, art or theatre: in the cozy basement bar with its impressive vaulted ceilings, all aspects of culture get their fair share.
    Wartsaal At Wartsaal, no one has to wait for regional food, intimate concerts, book readings or a pub quiz – they’re already on the menu.
    Heitere Fahne At Heitere Fahne, Integration is not only lived, but celebrated every day – with parties, cultural events and culinary delights for young and old.
  • Concerts
    Bierhübeli The iconic venue with its gallery, bar and garden has been a musical home for international and Swiss band for decades.
    Gaskessel With its concerts, parties and movie screenings, Gaskessel (gas tank) has been the creative playground of youth culture since the early 70s.
    Dachstock Under the historic roof of Bern’s Reitschule (riding school), there’s a concert venue where local heroes share the stage with international gems.
    ISC At the ISC Club, there are several storeys on which partygoers can attend hip concerts, sip drinks or have foosball matches.
  • Not the Usual Movie Theatre
    Cinématte The movie theatre, located on the banks of the Aare river, offers movie classics, rare gems and regional productions, as well as a fantastic restaurant with a view of the locals’ favourite river.
    Kino Rex For once, an art-house movie theatre replaced a mainstream one: since its reopening in 2015, there are two auditoriums in which movie enthusiasts can enjoy themed movie screenings, author’s films and art-house movies.

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