Bern’s Christmas Markets – Practical Information

Where can I find public toilets, how do I get home safely, and which market is worth a visit even in bad weather? We’ve compiled a list with the answers to those and many other frequently asked questions.

  • Bern’s parking garages
    • Bahnhof Parking
    • Parkhaus Metro
    • Rathaus Parking
    • Parking City-West
    • Mobiliar Parking
    • Parking Casino
    • expo Parking
    • Kursaal Parking
    • Park + Ride Neufeld


  • Where can I find roasted chestnuts?

    Fans of roasted chestnuts, you’re in luck: in Bern, there are numerous stalls that sell the tasty winter speciality.

    • Bahnhofplatz square, on the corner of the LOEB department store, Bulloni AG
    • Bahnhofplatz square, west side of the Heiliggeistkirche church, Bulloni AG
    • Neuengasse street, entrance to the train station, Marroni Tricolore SA
    • Bärenplatz, Maletti Marco
    • Waisenhausplatz square near Zeughausgasse street, Marroni-Import Gysi & Strazzini AG
    • Below Zytglogge (Clock Tower), Zytglogge Marroni GmbH, Bajrami Zudi

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