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In front of a bar with a diverse selection of spirits, artfully decorated cocktails are ready to be enjoyed as part of a cocktail mixing workshop, an invitation to creative mixing and tasting.
A group in bright red shirts concentrates together on preparing colourful cocktails, a picture of team spirit and enjoyment of the joint cocktail mixing workshop.
Colourful cocktails, decorated with fresh fruit, are ready to be enjoyed, their colourful straws signalling a relaxed and cheerful cocktail mixing workshop.

Cocktail Mix Workshop

"Negroni", "Mojito" or "Strawberry Margharita?" The cocktail workshop not only takes you into new worlds of flavour, it also provides a change of perspective for the whole team.

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Useful information

  • City of Bern
  • Canton of Bern
  • Emmental
  • Gantrisch
  • Laupen
  • Oberaargau

If you acquire the expertise of a barkeepers, the next party can come. At the cocktail mix workshop, participants are introduced to the colorful and fruity world of cocktail mixing and familiarized with the barkeeper’s utensils, spirits and garnishes. Different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are mixed in different groups and decorated with different garnishes. The highlight is the creation of the own team drink, which is judged by the jury according to taste and presentation. The ideal combination of team spirit, fun and cocktail enjoyment.

Information & Prices

Cocktail Mix Workshop
All year round, every day
On request at the hotel or restaurant
Please note that the event can only be held in combination with a location booked by you.
Included services
Introduction to cocktail mixing and garnishes Cocktail
making (5 alcoholic, 3 non-alcoholic)
Ingredients according to our recipes
Award ceremony with champagne
Recipe sheets after the workshop
Washing up and cleaning
Number of participants
15 - 50
CHF 95.00 per person
Minimum flat rate for up to 15 persons CHF 1,425.00
Year-round, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
German, English
City of Bern, Canton of Bern