Practical Information

What’s the quickest way to get to the Laupen Historical Loop? Where can I rent an e-bike, and where can I charge the battery? The answers to these and other questions as well as helpful tips can be found in this overview.

Route Information

The Laupen Historical Loop is a 31-kilometre circular route between Niederwangen and Laupen. It is especially suited for e-bikes. There are four experience sites that invite cyclists to immerse themselves in the history of the region and contemplate time.

It is also worth stopping at the many charming farm shops, restaurants, inns and cafés along the way. The route is best explored counterclockwise and follows the existing cycle routes 74, 34 and 888. Ideal starting points are Niederwangen or Laupen station.

  • Location Location : between Niederwangen and Laupen
  • Distance Distance : about 31 km
  • Elevation gain Elevation gain : about 409 m

Getting to the Route and Back

From Bern, the Laupen Historical Loop can easily be reached by e-bike – following the existing Veloland routes – or public transport. It’s best to begin either in Niederwangen or in Laupen.

  • General information

    Train stations along the way

    The following train stations are on or near the route and ideal starting or end points:

    • Niederwangen station
    • Neuenegg station
    • Laupen station
    • Thörishaus station
    • Rosshäusern station
    • Oberwangen station
    • Riedbach station

    Train tickets for bicycles

    There are different types of tickets for passengers bringing their own bicycles:

    Point-to-Point Ticket
    For short journeys, purchase a normal ticket at a reduced price (1/2).

    Bike Day Pass
    If you are travelling longer distances, it makes sense to buy a 1-day bike pass for CHF 14.00.

    Annual bike pass
    With the annual bike pass for CHF 240.00, you can bring your bike on all train routes that allow self-service loading of bicycles for an entire year. Keep in mind: the annual pass does not guarantee a space on the train and capacities may vary.

    Please note: The tickets listed above are for the bicycle only. Each passenger will also need a valid ticket.

    Tickets can be purchased at the counter, at ticket machines or online.

    If you are renting an e-bike from Rent a Bike, the train ticket is included in the rental price.


    Self-service loading of bicycles is not possible for groups of more than ten people and their bicycles. We recommend renting the e-bikes at your destination.

    Please take note of the information on self-service loading of bicycles at

E-bike Rental

Renting an e-bike is fast and easy at Rent a Bike in Bern or Laupen or at a bike shop along the Laupen Historical Loop.

  • General information

    Self-service bicycle loading

    If the e-bike is rented from Rent a Bike, the bike ticket for public transport is included. The rented bike can therefore be taken on all trains in the bike self-loading area without an additional bike ticket. The rental contract issued is valid as a self-loading ticket.


    Rent a Bike AG
    Steinmatt 1
    6130 Willisau

    +41 (0)41 921 05 75


Battery Charging Stations

E-bike battery performance differs from model to model. Newer e-bikes can easily manage the 31-kilometre Laupen Historical Loop without an additional battery or charging stop. In any case, we recommend fully charging the battery before tackling the route, or, depending on the model, bringing another battery or your own charging device.

If the route does become too much for the battery, there are places along the way where you can charge it using your own charger.

  • Battery Charging Stations
    • Hotel Restaurant Bären Oberbottigen
    • Restaurant zum Zimmermann Süri
    • Restaurant zum Denkmal Bramberg
    • Café zum Kreuzplatz
    • Gasthof Bären Laupen
    • Gasthof Sternen Thörishaus

Eating and Drinking

Cycling makes you hungry and thirsty. Fortunately, there’s the right gastronomic option for everyone along the Laupen Historical Loop: country inns serve regional dishes, and the many farm and village shops sell all kinds of yummy picnic ingredients.

More information on the options along the way is provided here.


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All set?

The Laupen Historical Loop has so much to offer!