Laupen Historical Loop

Hop on an e-bike and ride into the canton of Bern’s moved past – welcome to the scenic cycling route “Laupen Historical Loop”! The 31-kilometre round trip in the Laupen region inspires cyclists to pause and contemplate time.

Route information

  • Fact

    Please note the current diversion of the route between Laupen and Neuenegg. We recommend starting in Laupen.

The route is recommended for e-bikes and best explored counterclockwise. It takes you along the pre-existing cycle paths 888, 34 and 74. The SchweizMobil map, linked below, will help you find the way.

  • Location Location : between Niederwangen und Laupen
  • Distance Distance : about 31 km
  • Elevation gain Elevation gain : about 409 m

A cycling tour on the Laupen Historical Loop is an unforgettable “Paselitang” (Bernese expression for pastime, from the French “passer le temps”): Feel the breeze as you pedal along, breathe in the fresh forest air, explore the town of Laupen and its castle, and find out more about the history of the region at the four experience sites – this diverse loop has so much to offer to pass the time.

En route, bicycle trekkers also learn about the origin of the famous local dish “Bärner Platte” (Bernese platter) and have the opportunity to stop and try one themselves at one of the inns along the way. If you prefer a picnic at a scenic point such as the Chutze, you’ll find fresh, regional products at the farm or village shops.

  • Fact

    Many restaurants and cafés are closed on Sundays and Mondays or have irregular opening hours. So that you don't have to cycle next door on an empty stomach, we recommend that you check the opening hours in advance on the establishments' websites.

Bike rentals

Reserve a bike of your choice from Rent a Bike at the SBB luggage counter in Bern station or at the ticket shop in Laupen station. The pre-reserved bike, with or without an electric motor, can be conveniently collected from the desired location and returned.

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