Bicycle Trekking in Bern

Time to trek: The destination Bern boasts Switzerland's first scenic e-bike routes, which allow you to discover the beautiful cultural and natural landscapes up close on a relaxed e-bike ride. Enjoy the ride and become part of the stories told along the way on the themed routes.

Scenic e-bike routes

The E-bike Route 888 Grünes Band Bern, 890 Frienisberg Scenic Route, “Tales of the Gantrisch” E-bike Route and the “Laupen Historical Loop” all tell their own story. Places of experience along the scenic loop tours invite guests to consciously take time to immerse themselves in the narratives and learn more about the local characteristics.

  • Fact

    Hooray: on 1 September 2022, the e-bike route “Zeitschlaufe Laupen” will be inaugurated, and there will be a new scenic e-bike route in the Emmental in spring 2023.

Bern, a bicycle trekking destination

Over 450 km of signposted e-bike routes

Discover the Emmental, a Slice of E-bike Heaven

Off to the heavenly hills