Are you "thirsty" for knowledge? 12 facts and anecdotes that Bern craft beer fans should know!

Bern and beer? The two of them go together like hops and malt! We will divulge 12 exciting facts and funny anecdotes that craft beer fans really should know.

Chocolate world champion? Not just that! With 1,069 official breweries, Switzerland is also the country with the highest density of breweries and microbreweries worldwide. Since the fall of the Swiss beer cartel in 1991, the local beer (brewing) market has been bubbling and flourishing; the variety of beer on offer nowadays is now forty times (!) larger than it was 30 years ago. And the love of artisan brewed beer, or craft beer, is particularly strong in Bern: 176 breweries and microbreweries – more than anywhere else in Switzerland – are registered here. Fermenting and brewing happens everywhere, including in basements, garages and yes, even in laundries. Who delivers just by bike courier? Which microbrewers name their beer after ex-girlfriends? And what does an archbishop have to do with the Bern craft beer scene? We will reveal that and much more in 12 facts and anecdotes!

After reading these 12 facts and anecdotes, it’s hardly surprising that ”ä Stangä” (a lager) is being ordered less and less often in the capital city of beer. Men (and women) drink freshly brewed beer here and engage in lengthy discussions about stouts and IPAs. Where is the best place to do it? In (beer) bars such as Au Trappiste, Barbière or OnTap. At the Bern Craft Beer Festival ZAPF!, which takes place every summer – this year on June 15, 2019. It brings beer fans, connoisseurs and nearby beer producers together at the Warmbrächli Brache. At the Swiss Beer Award, which is conferred on the best Swiss beers in the Bierhübeli in Bern on September 19, 2019. Or on the ”Bern beer tour”, during which experienced beer sommeliers guide you through different breweries and beer cafés of the capital city. We also recommend the Bernese beer publication ”Hopfen und Falz” to those of you who are thirsty for knowledge. It combines craftsmanship from the barrel with art from the pen, and provides a very creative overview of local beer making.

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