Bern’s Four Riverside Pools

As soon as the water temperature of the Aare rises above 15°C, Bern locals begin to get antsy because they know the swimming season is almost open. Aare, here we come!

Leap into the turquoise glacier-fed waters, let yourself be carried through the Old Town by the current and marvel at the gorgeous scenery – swimming in the Aare is something even couch potatoes can get excited about! However, the most popular hobby sport that Bern locals indulge in is not just about fun and thrills. On hot summer days, the gentle waves of the Aare provide the perfect way to cool off.

If you want to have even more fun in the water, you should head to one of Bern’s riverside pools. Whether it’s the Marzili, Lorraine, Eichholz or Muri – there’s a pool to suit everyone where you can experience Bern’s summer feeling in all its sun-filled glory.

And the best part is that all of Bern’s riverside pools are free, except for the Aarebad pool in Muri. So slip into your swimsuit, grab a towel, put on your sunglasses and let’s go!

  • Information
    Open April–September
    Admission Free
    Attractions Swimming pool (50 meters), diving area, beach volleyball court, naturist bathing for women (in Paradiesli section), restaurant
    Visitors All ages, swimmers and sunbathers, parliamentary politicians
    Special features Largest riverside pool in Switzerland, summer meeting place for Bern locals, Gelateria di Berna ice-cream shop nearby
  • Information
    Open May–September
    Admission free
    Attractions Swimming pools and kids’ pools, playground, Buvette snack bar
    Visitors Students, unconventional types, relaxed swimmers, fish-watchers
    Special features Fed by spring water, fish in the swimming pools, probably the city’s best fries
  • Information
    Open May–September
    Admission CHF 5.00 (adults)
    CHF 2.50 (children)
    Attractions Water slide, diving boards (3 meters, 1 meter), beach volleyball court, restaurant
    Visitors Families, aviation fans
    Special features Located outside of Bern, opposite the BERN Airport
  • Information
    Open Always
    Admission Free
    Attractions Fire pits (including wood), large lawn, beach volleyball court, campground, restaurant
    Visitors Picnickers and grill pros, Aare rafters, sporty types
    Special features River beach, Bern Animal Park opposite


6.5 43.7 °
Today, 12:50

Swimming pools

Freibad Lorraine 17 62.6 °
Freibad Marzili 21 69.8 °
Freibad Weyermannshaus 15 59 °
Freibad Wyler 22 71.6 °
  • Aare Map
  • Safety Note

    It is important to treat the Aare with respect and find out more about the dangers before you swim. Swimming in the Aare is only recommended for experienced swimmers and is at your own risk.

    The SLRG and the City of Bern provide vital, potentially lifesaving information for anyone wanting to enjoy themselves on the Aare river.

  • Conservation

    The floodplains along the Aare river are particularly sensitive ecosystems. As a result, almost the entire river landscape between Thun and Bern is protected. We ask all those who stay around or on the Aare river to respect nature, not to leave any rubbish or disturb the animals unnecessarily.

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