AOSpine Masters Symposium

22. September 2017 - 23. September 2017

AOSpine Masters Symposium - Novel and Emerging Technologies in Translational Medicine

Spinal fusions with screws, rods and cages are successful for the treatment of many spinal disorders but result in altered biomechanics and function of the spine. At this symposium alternative approaches from emerging technologies using “smart biomaterials”, pharmaceutical and stem cell therapies for disc repair and regenera-tion are presented and discussed. This meeting aims to unite clinicians and researchers on a common platform to investigate the nature and causes of the degenerating spine and the intervertebral discs and its consequenc-es for low back pain. Translational research, where basic science is targeted to find its way back to the patient’s bed site, has become popular and is the major focus of this meeting. Learn about the latest insights on imag-ing, regenerative and pharmaceutical research that will change the way we treat our patients in future.

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