14th International Symposium: Hazards of Pesticides to Bees

23. Oktober 2019 - 25. Oktober 2019

The ICPPR Bee Protection Group is an integral part of an international organisation, the International Commission for Plant Pollinator Relationships (formerly the ICPBR and before that the ICBB).

The ICPPR is one of the 82 scientific commissions of the IUBS (International Union for Biological Sciences) which is connected to the ICSU (International Council of the Scientific Unions).

The ICPPR Bee Protection Group is a non-profit organisation of researchers in a broad range of disciplines from within and outside Europe who voluntarily share their common interest of improving tools for assessing and understanding bee protection within the context of modern, sustainable agriculture. The information provided by the experts within the Bee Protection Group is intended to serve as a reasonable foundation with which to base regulatory decision-making efforts.

The ICPPR Group organises symposia and working groups to discuss and develop new solutions for problems in the area of bee and pollinator protection from pesticides. The symposia papers and discussions are published in proceedings. To date, the ICPPR Bee Protection Group with its sub-groups are part of the of the Colony Loss (COLOSS) network and represent an international scientific platform working on the improvement of testing methods. All participants at the meetings are free to volunteer and join the working groups addressing specific topics identified at the symposia or through the ICP-PR Bee Protection subgroups. Scientists from all backgrounds - academic research, contract laboratories, industry, governmental risk assessors and risk managers -are invited to work together and to bring their available knowledge to contribute to the subject.

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