Transportation in the City

Bern Ticket
Travel for free in Bern from June 1, 2014! The Bern Ticket is a great deal for visitors staying in Bern. If you’re staying at least one night in tourist accommodation in the city of Bern you’ll receive this complimentary ticket, which lets you travel for free on public transport in zones 100/101 operated by the Libero Association. The ticket also includes the popular Marzilibähnli and Gurtenbahn funicular railways, as well as transfers to and from Bern Airport.

The Bern Ticket is valid throughout your entire stay in Bern. When you arrive, the confirmation of your hotel or boarding house reservation guarantees you a free public transport transfer from the train station or Bern-Belp Airport to your accommodation.

Public Transportation
The city of Bern has a very efficient public transportation system, distinguished by its punctuality and short wait times.

Day cards
The day card of Bernmobil gives you access to all forms of public transportation throughout the city of Bern.

 PriceCHF 12.40 / Day (Normal fare) 
  CHF 7.90 / Day (Reduced fare)                                                              

Bernmobil is the public transit association for the city of Bern >  Transportation Route (393 KB)
Visitors are free to choose any taxi in Bern. Average taxi fare from Bern's main station: Exhibition grounds (BERNEXPO), Airport and Zentrum Paul Klee.

Bären-Taxi: Tel: +41 (0)31 371 11 11
Nova-Taxi: Tel: +41 (0)31 331 33 13
Transport for disabled people: Tel: +41 (0)31 990 30 80
Bergfahrt AG, Chauffeur-Services Bern Tel:+41 (0)31 333 10 11

Bicycle, Mountain Bike, E-Bike
Bern Rollt – Free bicycle rental in Bern - "Bern rollt" is a free rental service for bicycles, children's bicycles, e-bikes, scooters and skateboards. Just present a valid ID and a deposit of CHF 20, and you can rent a bike from any of the following locations: Map

Price Free for the first four hours (two hours for e-bikes), then CHF 1 for each additional hour.

Hours of operation: please visit

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