Practical informations

Facts & Figures
Population: approx. 131,702, agglomeration 350,000
Language: German
Religion: Protestant 49% / Roman Catholic 25%
Federal capital: since 1848
Location: (Old Observatory (ground zero for Swiss national survey) Latitude: 46° 57' 12.7" N, longitude: 7° 25', 43.1" E of Greenwich.
Altitude at city center: 542 m (min. 481 m, max. 675 m ASL)
Municipal area: 52 km2, about a third of which is public park and woods. Agglomeration 184 km2.

Central European continental climate.

Average temperature range:
 in spring 4–12 °C
 in summer 16 °C
 in autumn 8–12 °C
 in winter -1.5–+3 °C

Summer & Winter time:
Summer time begins on the last: Sunday in March
Winter time begins on the last: Sunday in October

The following are public holidays throughout Switzerland:

    * Christmas, incl. December 26
    * New Year’s Day
    * Saint Berchtold’s Day (January 2)
    * Good Friday
    * Easter incl. Easter Monday
    * Ascension Day
    * Whit Sunday and Monday
    * August 1st, Swiss National Day

Electricity and plugs
Current throughout Switzerland is supplied at 230 volts. Type C (euro plug, two-pin) plugs and type J (three-pin) plugs are used. The type F (“Schuko”) plugs widely used in Europe cannot be used without an adapter.

Dialing codes
The national dialing code for Switzerland is +41. The following 0 is omitted. Dialing codes from Switzerland are as follows:

Germany: 0049 France: 0033 Italy: 00390  
Japan: 0081 Netherlands: 0031 Austria: 0043  
USA: 001 UK: 0044    

Tips are generally included in the price for all services. However, in restaurants it is usual to round up the bill by a reasonable amount.

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