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Bern is connected with all major cities in Switzerland and neighboring countries by a dense network of well-developed highways and main roads.

Bern is connected to the European route 4 (E4) and the national autobahn network. The city is also connected to southern Switzerland and Italy via the Lötschberg Tunnel / Simplon Tunnel and the Great St. Bernhard Tunnel.

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Lights on.
Now also in the daytime.
In Switzerland, it is a legal requirement that all motorised
vehicle users have their lights switched on during the daytime.
 Lights on (1.32 MB)


Further Information
Current traffic
Touring Club Schweiz (TCS)
Bus parkingMap

Our parking guidance system makes it easier for you to find a free parking space. It guides you from any autobahn exit quickly and easily to one of the downtown parking areas.

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