Highlights in Oberaargau

The Oberaargau Region forms the easternmost tip of the canton of Bern in the Swiss Plateau. The water meadows in the Langetental and Rottal represent an old cultural landscape of national importance.

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Former Monastery of St. Urban

One of Switzerland's most impressive examples of Baroque and Cistercian architecture and culture. A monument of national importance.

Themed Markets Huttwil

Huttwil, the "Little City of Flowers," has been a market town since the late Middle Ages. Various themed markets are still held there today.


Beautiful area for hikes and outings amidst an unspoiled landscape. With its 14 meter drop, the waterfall is a popular attraction in the Mutzgraben area.

Smaragd Gebiet Oberaargau

The Smaragd Gebiet (Emerald Network) in Oberaargau is home to many rare and endangered species.

Water Meadows

Marvel at Switzerland's last preserved water meadows, which provide a habitat for rare plant and animal species.

Hohwacht Observation Tower

The Hohwacht is the highest point in eastern Oberaargau. The observation tower offers a splendid panoramic view across the Swiss Plateau.


Along with the three glacial erratics in nearby Steinhof, the small lake is considered a remnant of the Rhône Glacier that once covered the Swiss Plateau.


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