Top Events

"Suurchabis Imachet" Sauerkraut Festival

Shredding, salting, smashing and packing – the second-to-last Saturday in October is sauerkraut canning day.

Chäsitzerlouf - Fun Run

Every spring, this fun run draws hundreds of runners to the small town of Kehrsatz. It's an athletic highlight each year.

Farmers' Horse Race, Schwarzenburg

A folk festival where everyone's a winner!

Klostersommer Rüeggisberg

Experience music, theater and art within the centuries-old walls of the Rüeggisberg priory ruins.

Mountain Race Gurnigel

The race up the Gurnigel is Switzerland's most popular and longest-standing mountain race.

New Year's Eve in Schwarzenburg

Every New Year's Eve, a cast of characters parade through the streets of Schwarzenburg, drawing people of all ages out into the winter night.

Schafscheid (Return of the Sheep) Riffenmatt

On the first Thursday in September, the town of Riffenmatt hosts quite a spectacle. Sheep are returned to their owners after a summer in the mountains.

Swiss Tractor Pulling Zimmerwald

To win, competitors must prove who's best at combining personal skill with the strength of their tractor.


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