10.08.2017 Buskers Bern Street Music Festival

A multitude of street musicians transform the old town of Bern in a colorful festival.

Up close and in the thick of it! Buskers Bern Street Music Festival lets you enjoy a wide range of music and performances for very little money. Stages set up in the street and freely accessible to all lend this festival a distinctly intimate feel. The musicians and performers come not just from Bern, but from all over Switzerland, Europe, and even abroad.

Street Music Festival

Playing acoustic instruments or with minimal amplification, they present a program of music, dance, theater, comedy, puppetry and acrobatics on stages throughout the picturesque Old Town of Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. True to busker tradition, no fees are paid. Instead, members of the audience can express their appreciation by tossing coins into a hat. This, after all, is the income these professional performers rely on.

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