Produce market - colorful diversity in the heart of Bern

"Open air shopping" right in the heart of town - regular customers from around the world appreciate the diversity and quality of the ample assortment of goods on the farmer's market. The tradition of the produce market right in the middle of Bern goes back more than a century.

Since the medieval times many of the foods, flowers and goods offered are produced in the region of the City of Bern and are delivered fresh to the farmer's market. In addition to regional products one also finds culinary specialties from other cultures as well.

In the past, the market was indespensable for the survival of the citizens of the city, today it stands for quality. Market goers are not just customers, they are members of the market community. Enjoy the time still taken for you on the farmer's market.

A stroll over the produce market is exciting - each small street and square has its own little scene. The unique scenery of the UNESCO world heritage in Bern is truly something to see.

Today the produce market takes place every Tuesday and Saturday and from April to October it is also open on Thursdays.

In the Advent season - open on the Saturday before 1st Advent Sunday until December 29. (except on holidays) the produce market is temporarily replaced by the large Christmas market in Bern.

January - November
08h00 - 16h00
08h00 - 16h00

April - October

09h00 - 20h00

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