Love at first bite? Sure, take a bite!

Love at first bite? Sure, take a bite!

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Mediterranean cuisine


The Kornhaus is a lovely example of high baroque architecture and is home to Bern's most luxurious cellar restaurant, as well as a bar and lounge and a café on the ground floor.

Café du Commerce

The diverse menu offers delicious, freshly prepared Spanish dishes to suit any taste.

Casa Novo - Restaurante & Vinoteca

Outstanding cuisine, the finest tapas, and a wonderful wine boutique with over 120 different wines – all right on the Aare in Bern.

ELEVEN Ristorante Bar Caffè

Geniessen Sie Feines und Typisches aus Italien! Selbstverständlich aus frischen, authentischen Produkten von lokalen Lieferanten. Buon appetito! 


Italian cuisine enjoys international renown for its many dishes of distinction.


Ristorante Lorenzini is "the" Italian restaurant in Bern, and the city wouldn't be the same without out.


The Pizzeria Ristorante Molino offers authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Bern.


Pronto Restaurant serves homemade Turkish specialties, both for large and small appetites.


The Schwellenmätteli – composed of the Terrasse, Casa and Event Lounge – lies right along the banks of the Aare and seems like its own island.

Restaurant toi et moi

Restaurant toi et moi is a place for both meetings and encounters. This urban restaurant offers the space and tranquility to just enjoy being.


The restaurant is dedicated to the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.


Are you a night owl, early bird or cozy chick? Come and visit us for a pleasant nest to suit birds of a feather.

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