Grand Casino Bern

"A glamorous evening..."

Glamorous architecture, gaming tables and various machines. From "Blackjack" to "American Roulette" to different poker games, you will find everything here for a pleasurable evening.

"...for successful winners"

Yes, you have read it right: You're a Winner! Because the Grand Casino Bern is one of the casinos with the highest pay-out rates in Switzerland: over 95 % of the bets are paid out again at the Grand Casino Bern.

Tasty meals and fun while playing have been two favourite pastimes since the beginning of time. Experience exotic meals and game arrangements in a high-end atmosphere.

Sun - Wed: 11h30 - 2h00
Thu - Sat: 11h30 - 4h00
The casino is open all year.
The gaming tables open every day at 2 pm.
The gallery is only open for promotional games or cocktail parties. 

Entrance fee: CHF 10.– (incl. one free drink)
Admission: All persons 18 years and older with valid ID
Dress regulations:
Since visiting a casino is a special event for many guests we ask you to visit us in formal attire. Please note our dress code: The Grand Casino Bern values elegant casual wear, but there is no obligation for gentlemen to wear a jacket and a tie. 

You should feel comfortable during your free time at the Grand Casino Bern. For this reason from June to August gentlemen in fashionable shorts are welcome. 

Please understand that, if necessary, our staff will inform you about keeping the dress code.

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