Confectionery Sprüngli

"Best quality for an exclusive treat..."

The confectionery Sprüngli was founded as a Swiss family enterprise in 1836 and to this day is considered one of Europe's most renowned confectioneries with its exquisite assortment.

"... and 100 % natural"

The products from Sprüngli not only stand for premium quality, but also for a unique freshness and naturalness. Dark chocolate fans will be pampered with the Grand Cru creations made of the finest assortments of cocoa from the world-best proveniences.

Visit the Confectionery Sprüngli at the Bern train station.

Try the "Luxemburgerli", a specialty of the house. The fine meringues is offered in various flavours.

Mon - Fri: 7h00 - 21h00
Sat - Sun: 8h00 - 20h00

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