Snowboard Coaching

"Private snowboarding lessons..."

Valentino Sorpresi is an expert when it comes to winter sports and offers professional, customised snowboard coaching. Would you like to learn your first swinging curves on a snowboard and feel confident on steep terrain?

Maybe you would like to refine your carved turns, extend your know-how of freestyle or learn how to glide through the powdery snow? Valentino Sorpresi will give you a professional training and will address your wishes and needs. 

"...on the highest level"

Would you like to conveniently get from your hotel in the City of Bern to the skiing area? No problem, you will be picked up. Also bad weather cannot hinder your adventure to come, because your lessons will be held, where the best skiing and weather conditions are located at the time.

Do you feel reasonably tired and tense after a day in the great outdoors? Your private Turkish bath, culinary delights and premium wellness: Experience the full range of Bern's wellness program.

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