Bern Puppet Theater

Theater with marionettes, rod puppets, hand puppets, shadow puppets, objects and masks. For both children and adults.

The bulk of the shows are performed by the Puppenbühne Demenga/Wirth, supplemented with works from eminent Swiss and international groups.

Puppet theater starts where human theater reaches its limits, where the magic of the unreal and fairy tales reside, where stones speak and giants live. Puppet theater means  to involve "head, heart and hands" all at once (Pestalozzi).

The Bern Puppet Theater runs another stage just across the street. The magnificent vaulted cellar offers a festive atmosphere for private performances (also available for rent with beverages included).

The season usually runs from mid-October to the end of April.
Performances for children
Children CHF 18.00 / Adults CHF 22.00

Performances for adults
CHF 32.00 / CHF 28.00
(Discounted: CHF 25.00 / CHF 22.00)

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