Berner Kammerorchester (BKO)

Since 1938 the Berner Kammerorchester (BKO) has performed its moving music for more than 150,000 people, including appearances with soloists such as Yehudi Menuhin or Clara Haskill.

Kultur Casino Bern

Experience music. Sonorous. Unplugged. Up close. Great orchestras, small jazz ensembles, famous soloists. That’s Kultur Casino Bern.

Musica Classica

The association Musica Classica unites three musical formations: the concert choir Canto Classico (founded in 2006), the professional Orchestra Classica (2009) and the professional vocal ensemble Novocanto (2016).

Swiss Jazz Orchestra

Swiss Jazz Orchestra

The Swiss Jazz Orchestra is top-class, award-winning Big Band featuring renowned jazz musicians. The "Monday Big Band Jazz Nights" are a unique attraction in Europe.

The Bern Symphony Orchestra

The Bern Symphony Orchestra is a musical home to all fans of classical music. Founded in 1877, today it functions as both the Bern City Orchestra and the Opera Orchestra of the Bern City Theater.

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