Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing through romantic, snowy regions with magnificent panoramic views of the mountainsThis is possible in the Gantrisch region and in Emmental. Whether you prefer classic or skating style, there are some 75 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails here for you to explore.

Cross-country skiing center in Gantrisch

A stone’s throw from Bern, the cross-country skiing center in Gantrisch has 45 kilometers of perfect-ly groomed cross-country trails at a snow-sure elevation of 1450 to 1650m above sea level.

Langnau-Trub cross-country trail

Cross-country skiers can also enjoy their favorite sport in Emmental. The region’s trails are located in the valley between Langnau and Trub, and stretch over 18 kilometers.

Bumbach/Schangnau-Kemmeriboden cross-country trail

Cross-country skiers can also enjoy their hobby between Bumbach and Kemmeriboden-Bad. In win-ter, there are ten kilometers of groomed trails in a magical landscape for sports enthusiasts to enjoy.

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