Schwarzsee ice palace

In a small wood around two kilometers from Schwarzsee, ice artist Karl Neuhaus builds a little para-dise each winter for those who love the cold winter months. The ice palaces are a fairytale world of ice and light, which you can wander through and climb over.

Walking along footpaths, visitors explore the ice constructions, which are up to 15m in height. They come across caves, grottos, and igloos, and are enchanted by fairy tales. After their adventure, visi-tors can warm up in the small bar or even cook their own cervelat sausage on the fire. There is also a playground for the kids.

Admission prices:

  • Adults (16 and over): 10 francs
  • Children (4 and over): 5 francs
  • Groups (10 or more): 10% discount
  • 2nd entry on the same day: Adults 5 francs/accompanied children free

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