Culture with Kids

Natural History Museum

Its animal diorama display and exhibit of spectacular gigantic crystals qualify the Natural History Museum in Bern as one of Switzerland's most important nature museums.

Creaviva Children’s Museum

The Creaviva Children’s Museum (Kindermuseum Creaviva) is a place of creative activity. Diverse exhibits and facilities offer inspiring excursions into the world of art and guide visitors to their own creations.

Museum of Communication

The Museum of Communication is the only museum in Switzerland to be dedicated exclusively and interactively to the history of interhuman communication.

Sensorium in Rüttihubelbad

In the «experience’s field for the senses”, you encounter yourself in a variety of ways. 70 stations inspire you to experiment and observe.

The Kambly Experience

Experience a delightful outing in Trubschachen, in the heart of Switzerland. Dive into the sensational world of Kambly.

Emmental Show Dairy

Over the fire or in modern copper vats – this exhibition dairy covering 17,500 m2 gives you an up-close look at how the famous Emmental AOC is manufactured.

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