iPod AudioGuide

The iPod AudioGuide is your personal tour guide to the city of Bern. It takes you to all the most attractive parts of the city and tells you everything you need to know about this UNESCO World Heritage Site in both words and pictures.

Make the most of this mini multimedia experience and discover Bern's most interesting parts at your own pace, yet with an informative guide.

How does the iPod AudioGuide work?
Choose between two  complementary routes. Detailed directions will take you straight to the  sights described. The tour is supplemented by music from some of Bern's  most famous musicians.
What is the advantage of the iPod AudioGuide?
It gives you an overall impression of the Swiss capital while letting you discover some of the city’s peculiarities for yourself. Set your own pace and take breaks whenever you like.

Do I have to stick to certain routes?
No, you can select whichever tour suits you best. Walk along the given path or listen to the commentary for the location where you happen to be.

Where can I obtain an iPod AudioGuide?
They can be rented from the Tourist Center at the BearPark or main station. You will be required to leave a deposit, which will be refunded upon return.
6 hours: CHF 18.-
24 hours: CHF 25.-
German / English / French / Italian / Spanish
Duration:Up to 4 hours
Rental and return:Daily during opening hours at the Tourist Information at the main station or the BearPark
Deposit:Credit card number, passport / ID card or driver's licence

Sales and assistance at +41 (0)31 328 12 12 or citytours@bern.com.

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