Hot air balloon rides over the region of Bern

Balloon rides are one of the most impressive and nicest experiences. All aboard and slowly up and away! Hover high above soft meadows, forests, glittering lakes, deep valleys, picture-perfect farms and awe-inspiring mountain landscapes.

Emmental panorama

ride with a view of the Bernese Alps, Eiger Mönch Jungfrau

3 lakes panorama trip in Seeland

along the Bieler, Neuenburger and Murten lake

A trip into the Bernese Oberland

over the City of Bern to Thun

At HOLLY BALLON you can choose between different starting locations. Special offers for balloon rides and sunrise trips.

Starting locations in the region of Bern:
- Münchenbuchsee
- Belp/Rubigen
- Herzogenbuchsee/Bleienbach
- Lyssach/Kirchberg 
- Murten/Kerzers 

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