Boats, kayaks, tubes and more

There are numerous methods and options for travelling along the Aare. Hire your own river raft, tube, or stand-up paddle board.

  River rafting
River rafting allows you to discover the city of Bern from the rather different perspective of the Aare river.

  Music & Grill River Raft
Experience a pleasant river trip along the breathtaking Alpine panorama from Thun to Bern in a 16-seater raft. We also offer music and a grill on board upon request.

These two-person kayaks are inflatable, open-topped, and very stable – in other words, there is nothing to stop you still jumping into the Aare!

The rings spin back and forwards as you choose, and you enjoy the Aare from an entirely new perspective.

  Stand Up Paddle
Stand-up paddle surfing (or SUP for short) is a water sport where you stand upright on a surfboard and move forwards with the help of a paddle.

  Aare Diving
The Aare is also an excellent spot for diving. You might be very fortunate with your river diving in the Aare (Bern, Worblaufen), but at the very least you will definitely be able to enjoy the delights of the many other fish.

  Bungee Surfing
Manuel Gerster and Daniel Schmutz have been surfing on the Aare river since they were young: now they are sharing their passion by offering bungee surfing courses. The Aare adventure can begin!

  Motorboat Trip
The entire trip is around four kilometers and lasts for 20 minutes to an hour. Moving at a speed of max. 15kph, you slide through the water enjoying a unique view of Bern.

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